Classes Offered

Section 1.00 – Personal Growth

Mental Dominance Part 1:

Dominants define themselves. However, self-definition can take years of trial and error as mistakes translate into lessons. This how-to presentation provides short cuts for nurturing the dominant spirit, techniques for determining your personal and family vision, and methods for staying on track to fulfill personal goals. (This presentation fits well within D/s and M/s learning tracts. It is about the inner workings of Dominant Spirit.)

The Four Circles

We need to be able to build healthy relationships beyond our partnered relationships. Our Leather community grows larger every year, and with it are greater challenges of dealing with different types of people. Our reference systems are no longer in place, and we are often faced with surprising toxicity and problematic people.

The Four Circles is a Native American strategy for building lasting and healthy relationships, and provides practical ways to navigate difficult situations and create circles of supportive people.

Topics include: finding partners, determining the structure of your relationships, training strategies, building close friendships and allies within the communities, identifying and dealing with killer tops and bottoms, problematic people, toxic people, and more. (This presentation fits well within D/s and M/s learning tracts. It is about living and prospering in the overall lifestyle.)

BDSM First Aid: Part 1

Common Accidents – This course teaches first aid skills needed to address common accidents that occur in the dungeon or during a play scene. Topics include: care for deep tissue bruises, sprains, abrasions, friction burns, split skin wounds, cuts, and imbedded objects. Allergic reactions are covered and the burn types are categorized and addressed. Topic includes how to extinguishing fires with both wet towels and fire extinguisher, care for natural burns (cinnamon, ginger, etc) open flame burns and electric burns.

BDSM First Aid: Part 2:

Distress, Fainting and Extraction Techniques – Occasionally a player becomes distressed, collapses and become entangles in the play equipment. This course addresses this situation. Topics include: identifying subs in distress vs. sub space, extraction techniques and body handling and transport methods. Also includes blood borne pathogens training and hands on extractions techniques.

BDSM Emergency Response:

Beyond First Aid – On rare occasion equipment collapses and a player sustains a serious injury. This course addresses working to stabilize back and neck injury, fractures and concussions. Topic also covers making the 911 Call and working with the arrival of EMS and law enforcement personnel.

(In my opinion, every one of us in the lifestyle should know how to respond to an emergency. These three courses can be combined for an afternoon training session. Excellent for an intensive program)

submissives Rights:

Description Pending – (Another way of saying I have misplaced the handout)

BDSM Dating – How to Crash and Burn an Online Relationship in 5 Easy Lessons

This presentation looks at the mistakes and pitfalls of online and long distant relationship building and what can go wrong. Topics include: things to do and say to attract the wrong person, how to create a cursed Fetlife profile, how to appear to be a stalker or poser while trying to convey friendship, famous last words, create the perfect “unsafe first meeting”, and more. Handouts are included that include evaluation worksheets and tips for successful online encounters. This is a fun class on using the Internet.

Section 2.00- Relationship Building

Fitting In:

New to the lifestyle! Exploring the various communities to determine where you fit in? This presentation is for you. Topics include: what to expect from the various communities groups, six protocols that guarantee initial acceptance, “what not to do”, how to correct a problem when you do a “what not to do” and defining yourself.

Practical Protocols

Description Pending

Powerful Associations

Description Pending

Section 3.00 – Master Slave Dynamics

The Master’s Touch

Often M/s relationships slip, breakdown and go awry due to unintentional neglect by the Master. This presentation explores the Master’s role and responsibilities in the M/s relationship. Topics include: 1) strategies and techniques for developing visionary leadership for the M/s family, 2) understanding the benefits and pitfalls of being on “cruise control” instead of “in control” and finding a balanced approach for successful M/s relationship management and 3) how to create emotional content and connectivity to strengthen the M/s relationship.

slave Training Basics:

Sometimes we need to go “back to the basics”. This presentation is for both Master and slaves and reviews the fundamentals of slave training in a household. Topics includes, determining the Master’s needs and life vision, how the Master’s vision shapes the household and determines training objectives, examines the slaves role and offers specific techniques for training new slaves. Also includes how to reset a slave training who has previous training experiences.

M/s Estate Planning:

Program includes hands-on exercises and a checklist for aligning the family structure.

Section 4.00- Play Skills

Fireplay Basics:

Description Pending

Violet Wand Play:

Description Pending

Playing With Pain

The precise and effective application of painful stimuli and the varied ways the body processes pain have long held a fascination for me. This workshop explores techniques of creating painful stimulation and pain-coping mechanisms. Play as seemingly simple as clothespins can become near edge play if applied in large quantities and in specific spots. Needles, red-hot implements and various whips and floggers will also be used to demonstrate the precise control of painful stimulation.

Impact Play
Rough Body Play
Waxing and Cupping

Descriptions Pending

Section 5.00 – Safety and Security

Certified Dungeon Monitor Program

The Dungeon Monitor’s position goes beyond simply watching players. The Dungeon Monitor must have a wide range of skills that include interpersonal and group communication skills, knowledge of conflict resolution, an understanding of playroom etiquette and equipment safety, the ability to work with security issues and have the ability to be the first contact with EMS and law enforcement officials.
The DM Certification program is designed for those who volunteer for these tasks and provides them with core skills. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of all course modules.

This program is a two (2) days training program.

Safe and Secure – Online Dating Security for submissives

Description Pending

Section 6.00 – Leadership Skills

Section 7.00 – Developing Positive Communities

BDSM Club Management

There are clear differences between leadership and management. Successful clubs need both. This course focuses on the six essential skills BDSM club managers need to run a BDSM club. Topic covers project management, developing programs, and strategies for working with volunteers.

Creative Conflict and Resolutions

Conflict is not always bad. In fact most conflict carries the seed of positive results and future success. This program is about turning a negative to a positive. Topics include: identifying the nature of the conflict, understanding the four categories of conflict and how to respond to each one.

Politics of the Weak:

Description Pending

Tribalism: A Balanced Approach to Club Government:
(Presented at Leather Leadership Conference)

Fourteen years ago SAADE embarked on a journey of re-discovering a form of BDSM tribalism that could aid in creating healthy communities. These years of experimentation and refinement have led us to believe that Tribalism is a very effective alternative form of club government.

This lecture is designed to deliver the concepts, principles and how-to methods of the tribal government model when applied to alternative lifestyle clubs.

BDSM Hate Groups:

This is a frank and honest class. We are always shocked when we hear the rhetoric of hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan or Neo-Nazis as they plot and plan to persecute and harm others who do not agree with them. We are quick to identify these who practice discrimination and malicious intent and condemn their actions.

Yet we stand silent when we see similar individuals displaying similar patterns and trend of behavior in our own BDSM and Leather communities. As individuals we fear retaliation from these people and the judgment of others who may not like us anymore because we are not politically correct.

The result of the lack of action, and creating consequences for these people, who plague our community, is clear.

We embolden and intensify their behaviors. Therefore they become more verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive and they evolve into BDSM Hate Groups.

This leadership course covers how do such groups get started, propagate and survive? And, more importantly, is there anything we as a community can do about them? Topics include identification of community abusive behavior and positive actions both individuals and organizations can take to protect themselves from such people.

Healing Divided Nations (Presented at Leather Leadership Conference – Phoenix)

Description Pending

Section 8.00 – Living in Leather

The Leather Family:

This session explores the fundamental concepts of the Leather lifestyle and reveals the basic concepts used to create and lead a leather family. Topics include: a brief history of leather, a look at leather culture and how families are being formed today. Specific discussions on induction, service, leadership and family direction are covered

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